Can you spare us a couple of quid?

Tragic Roundabout - The Documentary - Can you spare us a couple of quid?
A music documentary about the notorious UK underground, festival punk/ska/klezmer band: Tragic Roundabout
In 2009 I started the Tragic Roundabout documentary, a film about one of the UK's foremost & notorious street/festival punk/ska/klezmer bands of which the majority of filming is done. But unfortunately due to time and financial constraints I have had to put the project on hold for a considerable time.
The Tragic's documentary is something I still want to finish so I have decided to see if it would be possible to finance this project by inviting fans, interested parties and backers to donate money towards the documentary via indiegogo
Like I've said, bar three interviews, the footage is complete but now comes the mammoth task of assembling the entire film, which will take at least six months with editing and post-production.
This film will be part documentary and part live gigs/videos of Tragic Roundabout since they first formed in the early 90s and the amount of material I have gathered in all formats is comprehensive and rare. I have shot eight full gigs and interviewed all of the band members both current and past.
Once finished it will premiere at the Duke of York's cinema in Brighton, UK and tour the country via the festival circuit and independent cinemas. It will certainly have a DVD release and be produced by my own company Bite Size Movies (
If you are in a position to give this film legs in the guise of finance then you can donate via indiegogo right here. When donating you also have the option to receive a free gift in the form of a DVD of the finished film, a ticket for the premiere screening in Brighton or your name in the credits at the end of the documentary.
All donations large or small will be gratefully received and put toward the work needed to finish this film.
All being well I hope to have a first cut ready towards the end of the year.What do you say? Can you help me make this happen?
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Paul Light

This one should be quite good.

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